Conway's Game of Life

A Processing.js implementation of Conway's Game of Life


Welcome to the Game of Life!

The goal of the Game of Life is to observe the nature evolve! There can be anything from order to chaos, from random to complexity. You interact with the game by creating an initial state and observing how it evolves. Every square can be either dead or alive and they follow very simple rules:

(Very) Brief History

The Game of Life is a cellular automaton created by, lo and behold, John Conway in 1970 and the original version is a zero-player game, meaning there is no interaction after setting the initial state, also called seed (although this version is slightly different in which the current state can changed be on the fly).

Interesting Patterns

Many different types of patterns occur during the evolution of a given state, many of which were discovered without computers, using paper, blackboards, or game boards (this is a nice exercise to try at home). Here are some interesting ones:

Still Lifes




Other Patterns

LifeWiki has tons of other patterns that were found throughout the years. Just copy and paste the RLE encoding of a pattern after the hash (#) in the URL and you'll see it on the screen.