Automatically Download All Your ADP Pay Statements 20 Jan 2017

Recently I had to go find some old pay statements to look at tax information and ADP does not provide a way to search for information on old pay statements. You can’t even download statements older than a certain date (my understanding is that you can only access see/download information for the last 100 pay cycles).

Downloading each statement manually to search for what I wanted proved to be a boring and time consuming task: and I thought I could invest this time better by writing something that will download them automatically for me, and keep them updated as more pay statements came along.

Enters adp-downloader.

Just install and run the gem:

gem install adp-downloader  # you might have to use sudo
mkdir paystatements
cd paystatements

This will ask for your username and password and download all available statements from MyADP automatically. It also supports unattended downloading by creating an entry in your $HOME/.netrc file:

machine adp-downloader login ___username___ password ___password___

Running adp-downloader this way will use these credentials to authenticate and you can then add it to a cronjob to keep your statements up to date.


You can find information on the gem on adp-downloader rubygems page and the source code on github.